Major Muscles and Actions Involved

In this exercise the gluteus maximus, hamstrings, and upper hamstring tendons, are involved in hip joint extension, while the erector spinae is isometrically involved in holding the spine in lordosis, that is, with a slight arch in the lower spine. In the bent-leg variant the quadriceps femoris muscle group is also involved in knee joint extension.

Muscles in Action


Sports Uses

Because the muscles and actions are identical to the good morning and the other hip extension exercises, the sports uses are the same as for these exercises.

Important Facts to Know

  1. The bent leg deadlift is similar to the squat in many respects. The knee and hip action is basically the same, with the only major difference being the position of the barbell and your trunk. In the deadlift your trunk is inclined forward more and the weight is farther from the body.
  2. Regardless of these differences, the squat is a very effective supplementary exercise to assist in doing the deadlift and vice versa. In addition, the hip extension exercises described above on the multi-hip machine, with Active Cords and on the Yessis GHB machine, can greatly help improve performance in this exercise as well as the good morning exercise.