Muscle Anatomy


The adductor magnus, a robust thigh muscle, orchestrates hip and thigh movements through its distinct parts.

The adductor part arises from the inferior pubic and ischial rami, blending with adductor longus and brevis. Simultaneously, the hamstring part originates from the ischial tuberosity, aligning with the hamstrings.

The adductor part inserts into the femur's linea aspera, extending to the medial supracondylar line. The hamstring part merges with hamstring tendons and inserts into the adductor tubercle on the femur.

The adductor part primarily governs hip adduction, crucial for bringing the thigh toward the midline and stabilizing the hip during weight-bearing activities. Simultaneously, the hamstring part contributes to hip extension, aids in knee flexion, and complements the adductor part's role in hip adduction and overall limb stability.