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Digital Products in the Kinesiology of Exercise


Here are free quizzes in the kinesiology of exercise brought to you by KinX Learning. It's an easy way to test your knowledge of the kinesiology of exercise. There is a quiz for each ebook with correct answers provided.

Quiz 1 - The Ankle Joint

Quiz 2 - The Knee Joint

Quiz 3 - The Hip Joint and Pelvic Girdle

Quiz 4 - Combination Hip and Knee Joint

Quiz 5 - The Spine, Abdominals

Quiz 6 - The Spine, Lower Back

Quiz 7A - The Shoulder Joint

Quiz 7B - The Shoulder Joint

Quiz 8 - The Elbow Joint

Quiz 9 - The Radio-Ulnar Joint

Quiz 10 - The Wrist Joint 

Quiz 11- Combination Shoulder and Elbow Joint

Quiz 12 - Biomechanical Considerations of Exercise