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  • Great for students, educators, trainers and fitness enthusiasts - anyone interested in learning about human movement and exercise anatomy.
  • 13 volumes organized by joint and joint combination - provides a very structured learning experience.
  • All content is based on the work of Dr. Michael Yessis, considered the country’s foremost expert on sports training technique.
  • Over 300 professional detailed, full-color anatomical illustrations plus exercise photos.
  • Free quizzes aligned with each eBook to test your knowledge.
  • 2 new unique volumes on The Respiratory System and The Fingers and Hand 
  • PDF format can be used on any device
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What you will learn with KinX Learning Kinesiology of Exercise eBooks

  • Anatomy of all major joints in the body.
  • Basic movements of all the major joints in the body.
  • Muscles involved in all joint movements.
  • Muscle anatomy including origin, insertion, and function, of all the major muscles in the body.
  • Relationships between joints with muscles that cross two joints.
  • Exercises that demonstrate all joint movements.
  • Proper exercise execution and safety considerations.
  • Sport-specific analysis of exercises.
  • Detailed analysis of exercises regarding characteristics such as poundage, grip, body position, and range of motion.

Start Learning Now - $27 One-time Payment Includes Free Edition Updates

For an in-depth discussion on the study of the kinesiology and biomechanics of exercise, you can see The Need for Exercise Analysis.