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Leg Press

Major Muscles and Actions Involved

Leg PressThe major muscles and actions involved in the leg press are the same as for the squat.

Sports Uses

The sports uses of the leg press are the same as for the squat.  

Did you know...

  • When doing this exercise, it is important that you go only to a 90-degree angle in the knee joint unless you have great flexibility and strength in your hip, knee, and ankle joints. With greater flexibility and leg strength, you can let your knees come closer to your chest to place even more stress on your hip joint extensors. However, if you lack the needed flexibility and strength, bringing your knees up close to your chest will force your pelvic girdle to rotate backward, which creates a rounded spine. Doing this over a period of time can cause severe back problems. 
  • In executing the exercise with heavy weights, it is important to control the weights as your knees approach your trunk. The gluteus maximus, hamstrings and quadriceps femoris muscle groups should undergo a strong eccentric contraction to control the resistance. You should make a fast change to the concentric contraction at the end of the movement to help push the foot platform back to the initial position.