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Free Resources

Here are free digital resources in the kinesiology of exercise brought to you by KinX Learning. Please feel free to link to them or use them offline in your instructional programs.

Here is the first KinX Learning ebook for free. There are 10 other volumes in the kinesiology of exercise ebooks.

Volume 1 - The Ankle Joint

Here is a lesson in the planes and axes of movement for the human body.

Planes and Axes of Movement

Here are lessons in joint anatomy and joint actions (articulations).

The Ankle Joint

The Elbow Joint

The Knee Joint

The Hip Joint 

The Shoulder Joint

The Spine

The Radio-Ulnar Joint

The Wrist Joint

Here are lessons in the anatomy of some major muscle groups.




Here are lessons in muscle roles and contractions.

Muscle Roles

Muscle Contractions

Here is a guideline for the frequently asked training question, How many repetitions?

How many repetitions?

Here is a glossary of kinesiology of exercise terms, A - Z.

Kinesiology of Exercise Glossary