KinX Learning Bonus eBook 1

Biomechanical Considerations of Exercise 

The most accurate way to determine the key joint actions and muscles involved in a strength exercise is to analyze biomechanically and kinesiologically, the movements that are performed. This eBook introduces the biomechanical considerations of exercise.

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KinX Learning Bonus eBook 2

Training Factors

There are many factors involved in exercise execution that can affect the results that you get from your exercise program. You may not be able to change or do much about some of them but if you are at least cognizant of them, you can take steps to minimize any potentially negative effects. This eBook discusses some of the more important factors in weight training.

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KinX Learning Bonus eBook 3

Training Recommendations

This eBook is aimed at all levels of athlete but especially the beginner and intermediate. It outlines how to start and describes how progress should be made until the athlete is capable of doing a more sport specific type program.

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