Kinesiology of Exercise

Biceps Curl on a Machine

Biceps curl exercise machines can be used to produce effective development of the elbow flexors, especially in general physical preparation. They are not recommended in specialized work because of the restricted pathway. 

Major Muscles and Actions Involved

The elbow flexors are strongly involved in the mid-range in this exercise. In this exercise the forearm moves toward the upper arm, which is fully stabilized.

Sports Uses

The sports uses are the same as in other biceps exercises.

Exercise Analysis

  • When you do this exercise, all the action takes place at the elbow. However, in this version it is important to not fully extend your arms when they are in the bottom position.
  • The ability to supinate your hands in this exercise makes the exercise feel more natural through its full range of motion. If this is not possible, hold your hands in a supinated position. This is still very effective for development of the biceps.
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