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Copy of Machine Squat

Major Muscles and Actions Involved

These are the same as in the squat.

Sports Uses

They are the same as for the squat. 

Did you know...

  • Be sure that your feet are in front of your center of gravity or the projected line of gravity in the initial position. You must be very flexible and strong in the hip, knee, and ankle joints to place your feet farther under or in line with your body. 
  • It is important to not speed up or accelerate in the downward movement. You should use the eccentric return to quickly reverse direction in the bottom position. Doing this helps to build the resiliency of the knee muscles, which are most important in the running and jumping sports as well as in weightlifting. If you accelerate in the downward motion, the eccentric contraction may not be able to stop you and then you must rely more on your knee ligaments to do this. Ligaments can easily be injured when the forces are great enough.