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Copy of Hip Joint Extension

Major Muscles and Actions Involved

Hip Joint Extension gluteus maximus and hamstring muscles are involved in hip joint extension. In this exercise only the upper tendons (together with the hamstring muscle) undergo great activity and shortening. The lower end hamstring muscle tendons are relatively quiet. In hip joint extension the leg moves downward and backward from a forward (hip-flexed) position until it is under or slightly behind the body. 

Sports Uses

Hip joint extension and the muscles involved are very important in the execution of many basic skills such as jumping for height or distance and all forms of running, skipping, leaping, and lifting. 

Did you know...

  • The gluteus maximus and hamstring muscles are most effectively worked when you start with your leg in a hip-flexed position. Their dynamic involvement ends when the leg is in line with the upper body. Although this exercise involves the erector spinae muscle group, these muscles come into play only when the hip joint extensors switch to the isometric contraction. Also the erector spinae are not worked very strongly.