KinX Learning

ELearning in the Kinesiology of Exercise

Copy of Exercises

A brief introduction to the kinesiology of 59 of the most popular weight training exercises. The detailed kinesiology of these exercises (plus more) are provided in the KinX Learning eBooks.

Heel Raise (Calf Raise)

Toe Raise

Seated Calf Raise (Seated Heel Raise)

Knee Extension (Leg Extension)

Knee Curl

Hip Joint Flexion

Hip Joint Extension

Hip Joint Adduction

Hip Joint Abduction

The Good Morning



Machine Squat


Side Lunge

Leg Press

Glute-Ham-Gastroc Raise

Sit-Up (Curl-Up)

Abdominal Machine Crunch

Reverse Sit-Up

Hanging Leg Raise

Reverse Trunk Twist

Yessis Glute-Ham-Back Machine Sit-Ups

Russian Twist

Back Raise

Back Raise with a Twist

Reverse Russian Twist (Rear Shoulder Rotation)

Back Extension on a Back Extension Machine

Side Bend

Reverse Back Raise

Front Arm Raise

Lateral Dumbbell Arm Raise

Lat Pull-down

Seated Row

Bent-Over Dumbbell Row

Lateral Prone Raise (Reverse Fly)

Dumbbell Fly (Butterfly)

Upright Row


Shoulder Shrug

Biceps Curl with a Barbell

Incline Bench Biceps Curl with Dumbbells

Biceps Curl on a Machine

Overhead Triceps Press

Triceps Push-Down

45-Degree Triceps Extension

Triceps Kickback

Supination-Pronation with the Strength Bar

Wrist Curl (Wrist Flexion)

Reverse Wrist Curl (Wrist Extension)

Ulna-Radial Flexion

Bench Press

Machine Bench Press

Overhead Press

Machine Overhead Press

Incline and Decline Presses

Chin up / Pull-up


Bar Dips