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Anatomy of the Ankle Joint

Posted by KinX Learning on February 08, 2016 . 0 Comments

The ankle joint is formed by the junction of three bones: the talus bone of the foot and the tibia and fibula bones of the shin. The ligaments that tie and hold the ankle joint together limit the joint's voluntary movement to about 60 degrees. However, if the body's weight and external weights are used, the range of motion of the ankle can be increased.

The subtalar joint is located between the talus and calcaneus bones. This is the joint that is typically involves in ankle sprains or strains. It is an inter-tarsal joint that involves several bones of the foot. The  ankle joint involves only the two bones in the shin and one in the foot.

The subtalar joint allows for different positions of the foot and leg in response to weight-bearing,  particularly when running or jogging on uneven or curved paths. It is the main connection between foot  mobility and stability of the ankle and leg.